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“Paddy was particularly effective in conducting qualitative research for onefinestay, which helped us to deepen our understanding of how people interact with our service. He is an excellent listener, has a good eye for design, and his quick and practised artistry is an enviable talent!”

Greg Marsh

Entrepreneur and Investor

Previously CEO & Cofounder onefinestay
"Paddy is an absolute pleasure to work with. His enthusiastic customer centric approach is utterly infectious, and has driven a step change in how we view our customers. He's able to work with stakeholders across all levels of the business - from senior management through to customer service assistants. I'd highly recommend his services if you value the happiness of your customers."

Rebecca Galea
Head of Customer Experience Sparks Grove

Previously Service Product Manager onefinestay
"Paddy provides high quality customer insights that are actionable and therefore drive clear business improvements. His unique background and experience means that he is able to ask the right questions during his research. He's a real people person, exceptionally skilled at getting people
involved in and excited about a project - at all levels of the business."
Charlotte Bearn
Head of Startup Ventures at The Behavioural Insights Team

Previously Product Marketing Manager onefinestay
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