​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Hi, I'm Paddy, a customer journey specialist
Need some help defining your customer experience?

I help businesses take ownership of their customer experience. Stitching end-to-end journeys together I help you identify opportunities to deliver value to customers at every stage.

Deepen your understanding of who your customers are and what they value most

Define what your customer experience is, over time and across channels

Align your whole organisation to deliver the best customer experience possible

Prototype new services in a live environment and keep them evolving

Monitor and manage your customer experience
The Benefits

Better product Market fit
By spending time understanding your customers, your business will evolve safe in the knowledge that it’s providing exactly what people need and want.

New Product Opportunities
Discover and identify new features and product enhancements that will add value to your business.

Get services to market quicker
By launching to learn, new services start working for the business as quickly as possible.

Lasting customer centricity
Structuring your organisation around the customer will create a buzz and enthusiasm amongst your staff that lasts.

Impact from the start
Collaborating from the start, there’s not need to wait until a grand unveiling to see the results. The transformation starts happening from day one.
Who I work with

I’m able to help companies of different maturity levels. Whether you’re an established organisation looking to grow or a startup in need of your next round of funding, my approach can be tailored to suit your needs. I’m able to focus in on one specific area of your customer experience or work quick and dirty, to get new services up and running fast.

My approach

By getting out of the office and onto the street, meeting people and making things real, the work will have impact from the start. This means taking a step out of the comfort zone, sharing the stories and sparking new ideas that result from what we learn along the way. Working like this will give your team a greater sense of connectivity to the customers they serve. Creating a buzz around project work, we'll instil a passion for customer experience across your business that lasts.

Why me

I’m privileged to say I’ve developed my skills working with the best including startups and Global players. I'm a humble guy and am always excited to learn from the people around me.