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Customer experience design
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Realistic poirtraits of your customers, helping you to understand who they are, how they vary and what they value. This is a vital asset for any business which wants to evovle to appeal to a mature market beyond early adopters. Personas will help you to focus on the most critical product improvements and develop a powerful brand strategy.
Customer Journey Map
A comprehensive and articulated framework that outlines the end-to-end journey stages your customers go through with interactions along the way. By mapping out the different chapters, you can analyse where the gaps are and where you should improve. Mapping out journey stages is an essential base for setting metrics that will enable you to monitor and manage your customer experience.
Key Moments Storyboard

A storyboard shows the moments in the experience that customers value the most. It will enable you to come up with new product ideas that are meaningful at specific points in time. It can also be used for training so your staff understand what the makers, and the breakers of are, able to transform your product and its delivery.
Actionable Insights
Grounded with real customer stories, a few good insights can be enough to change the direction of your business. A good insight will offer new depth of understanding into your customers and what they desire. More often than not, they directly lead to new ideas that provide your customers want.
Mock-ups & Design
It's important to build and test new ideas quickly. We'll find inventive ways to bring ideas from inception into reality and keep them evolving as we learn. Concepts can be mocked-up using digital touchpoints, environments and human behaviours. At the end you'll have concrete ideas which can be piloted, safe in the knowledge that they're desirable to customers.
Staff tools and training materials
Tools to help your frontline staff train and deliver the experience your customers want. A great staff experience will reflect directly into the experience your customers are given. By making sure your staff can execute transactions easily, they can focus their attention on more meaningful dialogue to enhance the customer experience.
Workshops of varying lengths can be delivered in relation to any of the products above. My workshop on how to conduct user research has been particularly popular so far. It's a great starter for any business that's new to user research and will empower employees to make a start that will add value to your bottom line.
Project Mentorship
If you're already doing some research and would benefit from expert guidance along the way, I can mentor teams to help steer them in the best direction to achieve solid and actionable results.      |      Telephone:   +971 (0)552 665 794