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Paddy Long
The Customer Journey Specialist

Three things

I define who your customers are and
what they value

I build articulated ​customer journeys

I bring new services to life and help you test them in a live environment​

​It's all about the customer journey. I stich end-to-end journeys together and find opportunities to deliver meaningful value to customers at every stage. Creative at heart, my materials are digital, physical, environmental and behavioural in nature.

Design Thinking

This means using combined skills to develop insights quickly and launch experiments with real customers to learn what works and what doesn't. A two-fold approach that encourages practitioners to focus on people’s unmet needs and try new things out.
Getting Real
It's about getting out of the office and onto the street, about meeting people and making things real. At times, this means taking a step out of our comfort zones, sharing the stories and making things that result from what we learn along the way.

​Collaborating with clients from the start helps me get under the skin of any business. Together we can ensure that interests are aligned throughout. Working with your teams I’ll get the best results and gain traction for the work across the organisation.

​Creating a Buzz

Give your team a greater sense of connectivity to the customers they serve. Creating a buzz around project work, I'll instil a passion for customer experience that lasts.

The Benefits


If it's good for people it’s good for business : )
Impact from the start

Collaborating from the start means you'll see the results forming straight away. You don’t need to wait for a final presentation to feel the impact of our work.
Marketing through Design
Customers love it when brands listen to them. Each conversation or interaction with a customer is the opportunity to win over a new advocate.
Motivated employees

There’s no better way to motivate your workforce than giving them a connection to the customer.