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It’s not possible to be commercially successful over time without truly knowing your customer
There are limits to how much you can innovate and grow if you don’t truly understand the needs of the people you serve. Understanding who your customers are and making sure your product is desirable to them is paramount to ensuring your business remains profitable. A good customer experience is not a nice to have but a tangible business assett that drives growth.
My hands-on and qualitative approach to research and design is proven to help companies develop their brand, sales and customer experience by tackling some of the most challenging questions:

Who are our customers?

Why do they choose our product?
What’s important to them?  

What makes them come back?
How to ask questions
6 Ways to foster genuine loyalty
Do your own customer research
and keep doing it
If you can't package the experience,
you can't sell it
Why and how to measure
customer experience


I use a a  Design Thinking approach. This means using qualitative research to get deep into the hearts and minds of customers and building new ideas early to see how well they work.

The following activities are commonplace when working like this:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Fieldwork Design
  • Interviewing and shadowing real users
  • Storytelling
  • Synthesis
  • Visualisation and illustration
  • Prototyping and testing

Teams of bright individuals can adopt the Design Thinking process to get results that will work for them. They don't need to be  experts but a little guidance can make all the difference when starting off. Bringing your team on a journey, we’ll get to know your customers, how they view your product and what makes them tick.

Collaboration with clients from the start helps me get under the skin of the business . I encourage participation throughout to get the best results and give the work traction across the organisation. Learnings from fieldwork are made highly visible to all. The buzz that this kind of project creates will inspire and motivate employees giving them a greater sense of connectivity to the people they serve.
I infuse best practice for research and design instilling a sense of customer centricity which has a lasting impact even after I leave. All projects are packaged in concrete ways that can be channelled into new business opportunities at any time.  


If your product's good for people it’s good for business : )

Impact from the start   
Collaborating from the start means you don’t need to wait for a final presentation to start feeling the impact of the work.

Marketing through research
Customers love it when brands listen to them. Each meeting with a customer is the opportunity to win over a new advocate.

Motivated employees
There’s no better way to motivate your whole workforce than making them feel connected to the customer.

Lasting customer centricity
Good companies make research part of their culture. I’ll up-skill and inspire your team to get out there and do it themselves.